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About Us | Discount Aquatic

Discount Aquatic was founded by Dalton Cutler, an avid naturist and a passionate fish keeper who got his start as an auto mechanic.  He didn't have the money to pay for tools to get started, so he had to rely on family and friends.  After borrowing for a while, he learned a valuable lesson:  Once you borrow something twice, it's time to buy it.  Most people won't lend to you past that.

Now, years later, Dalton wants to help those who have learned this lesson within the scope of his passion: fish keeping!  From this desire came Discount Aquatic.

Discount Aquatic was founded to give people with a passion an easy and affordable way to continue building on that passion.  Whether you're just starting out with a few guppies, or you're a full-on aquarium master, Discount Aquatic has you covered with everything you might need to bring your passion to the next level.

With free shipping , a fast and easy to use website, and friendly customer service, Discount Aquatic is your go-to for affordable fish keeping gear!

Take a look around, stop by our shop, and enjoy yourself!